Thrifting at The Trunk

Thrift store “The Trunk” debuted in the storage space of the Middlebury Mountain Club in Adirondack House this Friday. The enterprise is brain child of Janet Rodrigues ’12, Amy Rapp ’11, Corinne Beaugard ’12 and Isabel Howard ’12.

At the opening snacks were offered, shoes were bartered, stylish Middkidds crowded the creaky staircase waving dollar bills in hand (though the strippers were there for clothes not cash). I’ve never been a great thrifter, but the idea of crowds packing themselves into exclusive attics full of bejeweled items tucked away in linen trunks and “Critter Corners” has always appealed to me.

Rumor has it Janet will style your next Mill ensemble for a little extra cash

The Trunk’s sartorial staff is currently accepting donations to the racks of luxury items salvaged from Recycling Center bins. Once they receive enough profits they hope to provide cash for items, as well as offer bartering deals (Don’t buy that zebra mini dress, I’m hoping to finally get rid of a sparkly scarf my aunt knitted me in exchange).

get away from that dress

The Trunk is open Fridays 5-8pm and Saturdays 11am-2pm

The Trunk

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