This Week’s Reason to Party

Happy Valentine’s Day from MiddBlog!

Here’s some Valentine’s Day stuff to keep you from pining over that Proctor Crush (what!? MiddConfessional says he/she is taken?!)

In preparation for February 14th, NECCO produces 100,000 pounds of Sweethearts Conversation Hearts a day. All 8 billion candies (enough for everyone on earth to have one, plus another billion to share) sell out in a 6-week period. What was Valentine’s Day like before NECCO Sweethearts said, “Tweet Me” and “Text Me”? [and even before larger 19th-century versions featured mushy lines like,  “Please send a lock of your hair by return mail”?]

If you’re really interested, consider watching the History Channel’s 4-minute made-for-daytime-TV take on the history of Valentine’s Day, worth watching perhaps just for its explanation of a weird pagan tradition in which women were slapped with bloody strips of goatskin (I’ll just take a box of Sweethearts, thank you very much.)

Goat hides aside, if you REALLY love your Valentine, consider this offer from NECCO:

“Got a special message for your sweetheart?  NECCO can custom imprint Sweethearts Conversation Hearts, if you’re willing to buy a full production run – approximately 3,500 pounds of the six-flavored candies or 1.6 million individual hearts.”

Especially given the 400% increase in package deliveries at the Mail Center this week,  I’m sure a 2-ton candy delivery would be much appreciated.