Costello’s Market: better than Noonie’s?

You heard right.

At the expense of provoking controversy, I will profess my love for Costello’s Market, an astoundingly fresh, classy, cheap, down-to-earth Italian-style deli in Marbleworks.

Here’s a video, produced by Seven Days, of the process behind one of the shop’s more ambitious dishes, a porchetta (they have more typical lunch-y fare, too):

Of course, Noonie’s Deli is fantastic. But the crazy thing is, Costello’s is even better. Here’s why:


  • Costello’s has (what I’m told is) really authentic Italian food. In addition to the video, Seven Days did a big feature on the tiny storefront deli; I’m not much of a foodie, but the Seven Days piece covers some of the finer culinary points, as well as the history of Costello’s.
  • AWESOME seafood. Their fried shrimp po boys and salmon patties elicit pavlovian slobbering from me even now.
  • Maybe the best fries in town… although I would need to do an intensive comparative study with Steve’s Diner to be sure on that.
  • Carolyn Costello and John Hamilton, the couple that run the establishment, are friendly and warm.
  • In terms of sheer quantity of food per dollar, Costello’s is not pricey by Middlebury standards.


  • No indoor seating. Midd students will have to either take a car, risk carrying a box to a warm place with frostbitten hands, or just wait out the weather.
  • So many delicious options. Choosing can be painful.
  • Why didn’t I hear about this place until my junior year??

The College is well on its way to instituting a Food Studies minor… maybe it’s time we talked more about food on MiddBlog.