Bente Madson ’11 was part of the original generation of student ceramicists (is that a term?). Today the club has its own house, closets full of clay, and new kilns coming soon.

"If we make enough jars, we'll never run out snow"

The club will be making the pottery for the new Solar Decathlon model home, and hopefully selling their wares at the upcoming chili festival.

You are also welcome to reenact "Ghost"

The club is located at the Old Stone Annex, the street behind the street behind Proctor, in the yellow house next door to Palana. M-T 7-9PM, F 5-7PM, Sa 1-5PM, Su 5-7PM.

This guy makes clay roses

Dues are $20/semester with open access to student teachers, clay and kiln! Plus cookies (occasionally), great music, and a chance to prove to mom that you really are an artist.

This looked important


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