News highlights 2/19-2/26

In the interest of supporting and connecting with other hard-working news outlets in the community, MiddBlog is bringing back our weekly aggregation of news stories. Instead of covering only The Campus as we have in the past, this time our summary will include three items from the school paper, three from The Addison County Independent and three from the Middlebury blogosphere.

The Campus 2/24

  • ^ Ian Thomas ‘13.5 presents Midd 5, The Campus’s weekly YouTube newscast. This is the same student developing an evolving iPad app.
  • Febitude – the history of Febs. Cool!
  • The Campus interviews Aunt Des (the character) and comments on the argument (originally discussed on MiddBlog) that the Aunt Des campaign reveals inconsistencies in the College’s free-speech codes.

The Addison Independent 2/21 & 2/24

Midd blogs

  • Are you reading this on wifi? (LIS blog) – description of process for upgrading wireless in dorms.
  • Ski Google Earth (The Middlebury Landscape) – A new, interactive Google Earth version of the Rikert cross-country ski map just came out. From an awesome blog by College Landscape Horticulturalist (did you even know we had one?) Tim Parsons.
  • Tim Spears interviews the woman who plays Aunt Des (Blogs.Middlebury) – She works for College Advancement and lives in a yurt. Seriously.

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