Sunday Reading: Those better be some darn good mussels.

With another Midd basketball NESCAC championship under our belt, the Communities & Justice symposium, and other exciting events happening across campus, this week has started with quite a bang.  Lets hope it continues enough for me to finish this reading…

OSCARS: On tonight!  Right now!  Check it out

LIBYA: Today, Obama condemned the Libyan violence against protestors, calling for an international response and claiming that the actions of the Libyan government violate international norms and standards of common decency.

NATURAL GAS:  This Times article reveals a new EPA study into the unregulated hazardous wastewater that is a byproduct of natural gas plants.  Experts say that these plants are facilitating the radioactivity of drinking water in the area to become hundreds and even thousands of times the maximum allowed by the federal standard.

ALAKSA: Archaeologists in Alaska have discovered the remains of a child that are some 11,500 years old, the earliest known human remains from the area.

NEW ZEALAND:  On Tuesday, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit New Zealand near its second largest city, Christchurch.  The death toll as of today has reached 148 persons.

WISCONSIN:  Across the nation, protestors are standing in support of the fight against the anti-union bill in the Wisconsin State Senate.  Similar bills have been introduced in Ohio and Indiana.

And your video of the week (I’ve always loved the BBC narrators):