Immediate Theater Experiment comes to the Zoo

You may have seen posters around campus advertising “Immediate Theater”, a new project under the direction of Lilli Stein ’11, Daniel Sauermilch ’13, and Matt Ball ’14. For 7 consecutive Sundays, the troupe will be performing one 10 minute play in the Zoo at 5:00 pm. This Sunday’s show is titled “Words, Words, Words” by David Ives.

Believing this to be an interesting project, I contacted the group to learn a little bit more about what they do and where the idea came from. Matt Ball was able to answer my inquires. It turns out that the Immediate Theater Experiment (I.T.E.) was a company first started by Carl Forsman ’93 while he was here at Middlebury. This group used a very similar form to the present’s — eight ten minute plays, rehearsed minimally, performed once each, at 5 pm on Sundays throughout a semester. The name ITE comes from a chapter entitled Immediate Theater from Peter Brook’s book, “The Empty Space.” Matt says:

As you can probably guess, we’re about a theater of immediacy. Short. Sweet. Possibly rough plays.  We’re not going to produce Chekhov’s The Three Sisters, but that’s the point. None of these plays have much to do with each other. In fact they’re contradictory in style, subject matter, and in what they think good theater should be. Our goal is to produce work that challenges ourselves and hopefully, a dedicated audience to consider theater and life in new ways.

However, this group will also be different in they are also producing plays by Middlebury students, one from Stein and two from Sauermilch who was an American College Theater Festival Finalist.

So take a break for some great theater tonight at 5 in the Zoo. Tickets are only $1, and subscriptions for the whole set are $5, available at the door!


One thought on “Immediate Theater Experiment comes to the Zoo

  1. Sad to say, I haven’t made it to one of these yet.

    Yet another example of awesome work by Midd theater kids: experimental yet grounded in great ideas, a mix of student and professional work at equally high levels. I need to go see this next week.

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