Sunday Reading: Evidently happiness means being a 65 year old man in Hawaii.

Another week has passed, and we’re edging ever closer towards midterms.  In that light, lets think about other things.

HAPPINESS: Gallup polls have discovered the statistically happiest person in America-and his name is Alvin Wong.

COMMUNISM: According to Glenn Beck, Middlebury’s own Bill McKibben and the entirety of are communists- check out Bill’s response.

VATICAN:  In his new book, the Pope finds the Jews not to blame for the death of Jesus.

ALIENS: A NASA astrobiologist claims he has found conclusive evidence of extra alien life in fossils of bacteria found in a rare type of meteorite.

IPAD: The iPad 2 is out!

CHINA:  In the wake of renewed Middle Eastern violence and revolts, foreign journalists in China are being tracked and detained as officials express concern about “toppling of the party.”

And your video of the week: