Jimmy Wong Sings Viral YouTube Success

MiddBlog tweeted out about this a few days ago. But when things go viral, more of Midd should get in on the action. Jimmy Wong ‘09.5 was the #1 most viewed musician on YouTube yesterday with his response to the “UCLA girl.” His video is almost up to a million views helping his budding acting/singing/improv/producing/etc. career. At Middlebury, Jimmy was involved with the Theatre and FMMC departments, sang lead in a band (The Gremlin’s Kremlin), and sang for several semesters with the Mamajamas. Below the original video and Jimmy’s response:

(via @aadragna ’10)


5 thoughts on “Jimmy Wong Sings Viral YouTube Success

  1. Check out his adaptation of the Super Mario Bros. theme song, too! Gives you an even better idea of just how talented he is.

  2. hahahaha I can’t believe this girl–so ethnocentric! “They can’t teach their kids to fend for themselves?!” is one way to look at it. Another way is that having a family, collectivistic culture is a strength and something America could learn from.

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