News Highlights 3/21

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Our photos from last week’s Middlebury Chili Festival, taken by Caroline Grego. (The pair of hands modeling chili and spoons are mine.) The event was covered in more detail by both The Campus and The Addison Independent.

The Campus 3/17

  • Bunker busted. After noting a risk of potential violations of Vermont liquor license policy (no actual violations had been reported), the College chose to suspend the student group in charge of the Bunker for the rest of the year. Other groups can use the space to host events, however.
  • $53,879.19. The total cost so far of dorm damage this school year. The article, largely based on an interview with Dean Collado, looks at trends in dorm damage and mentions some countermeasures. Collado holds up the Intentional Living House as a positive example of students taking more responsibility for residential life.
  • Posse. Two-page spread to commemorate the annual PossePlus retreat. Posse identifies public high school students who might be overlooked by the college application grind and helps them get in and get scholarships to colleges across the country. This retreat’s topic: the Millenial generation.
  • Our very own Mackenzie Beer wrote an op-ed calling for more random, small-scale creativity to punctuate Midd’s academic slog. Word.

The Addison County Independent 3/14 & 3/16

  • Single-payer in VT?  Six Addison County residents added their voices to testimony in favor of H.202, a bill that would create a unified, single-payer healthcare system in Vermont. Another entry in the Independent‘s continued coverage of the healthcare debate and its implications for the local community.
  • Still piled up. Most of the massive March snowfall has melted, but the blizzard’s economic and political effects on town budgets around the county will be felt going forward. UPDATE 12:21 pm: The snow is back. That’s Vermont for you.

Midd Blogs

  • On a boat (Middlebury Magazine). Watch a student-built boat (currently on display in the CFA lobby) in action.
  • Movie time! (LIS) Bi Hall 309, 405, and 467 are now full-fledged smart classrooms. I do have to wonder, though: would better coordination of course locations be more efficient than building new smart classrooms? I’ve had completely tech-free courses in completely hi-tech rooms.

2 thoughts on “News Highlights 3/21

  1. Thanks for featuring the smart classrooms in your Movie time! paragraph!

    The language schools use almost all of the classrooms on-campus and very much appreciate smart classrooms, so I’m sure that factored in the decision to make more spaces smart. That’s not to say that the regular year courses don’t use classroom technology. I’ve had tech-free courses in tech-enabled classrooms, as well. However, there were also instances where the instructor did not plan to use the technology but chose to use it based on the dynamic of that specific day. The technology was there to enable this… and it even worked 🙂

  2. Thanks for the follow-up. You’re right: I have had that happen in my classes a few times. It’s always good to have the option to use the technology.

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