WATCH: Middlebury Admissions Launches New Videos

Today, the Middlebury Admissions Office launched five new videos to showcase the campus in the fields of Environment, Worldview, Student Life, Community, and Academic Life. The videos were co-produced by Fieldwork Pictures and the Office of Communications.

Watch the likes of Ben Wessel, Sarah Chapin, Chris de la Cruz, Chime Dolma, and Anne Runkel as they give us a glimpse into life at Middlebury. (It’s also really fun to see if you or one of your friends makes a cameo…)


6 thoughts on “WATCH: Middlebury Admissions Launches New Videos

  1. I generally am very critical of admissions material. Perspective students (and increasingly their parents) can smell any hint of when something isn’t genuine or authentic. You know: the perfect racial composition of a photo of smiling students sitting around in a circle on the lawn. While these videos use several of those “perfect” photos, I am quite impressed with the overall tone. If you talk to Ben Wessel, he pretty much is how he is portrayed in the video (although maybe his jokes got edited out). In other words, it’s pretty accurate even though I’ve definitely heard some of the subjects in this video felt a little smothered by the camera crews.

    Clearly, they aren’t going to go delving into some of the perennially tricky subjects of student life and diversity. But perspective students will find out what they need to elsewhere. Overall, I think it’s a step forward for admissions. The strongest schools lead with their students and this is a good example of it.

  2. I think these videos were amazing! The whole time I was thinking, god i wish i went to that school.

  3. me too! wow these videos are awesome. I second ryan’s comments, they don’t feel forced or ‘admissions-y’ at all.

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