Poli Sci Professor Charged With Embezzlement

As was reported in the Addison Independent on Monday, Middlebury College Political Science Professor Kateri Carmola has been charged with one count of felony embezzlement for allegedly siphoning $4,500 from the Salisbury Historical Society over a three-month period last year.

Carmola was acting treasurer of the Salisbury Historical Society last July when she allegedly made the first of 11 withdrawals from the organization’s savings account to pay expenses associated with some Middlebury College-related trips. The 11 transfers ranged from $200 to $1000, between July 6 and September 8, 2010. The financial discrepancy was only first noticed this fall, as Carmola had begun to pay back the amounts. Carmola confessed her actions to the historical board, who at first were willing to let the actions slide until some community members became aware of the incident.

As Vermont State Police Trooper Joseph Szarejk told the Independent, Carmola “did not think anything was wrong with borrowing the money at first until she was confronted about this issue.” She was officially cited for embezzlement on Dec. 23, 2010 with Addison County State’s Attorney David Fenster deciding on Jan. 26 to prosecute the case. She pleaded innocent to the charge in District Court on Feb. 7.

She is due in Addison County District Court on April 4 for a status conference on her case. Officially an Associate Professor of Political Philosophy here at Middlebury, the college has yet to make a comment on the incident.

EDIT 3/23 4:30 pm. For those of you who attempted to read the Addison Independent article earlier and were unable to do so: the editors of the newspaper have informed us that they have removed the paywall from the article. It can now be accessed by nonsubscribers, in full, for free. (Use the link in the first sentence of this post.)  To get the most complete picture of the issue available, we encourage you read the full piece.

The Campus should also be posting an article on the case soon. Their piece will appear online (tomorrow’s paper has already been sent to be printed), and we will link to it when it is ready.

EDIT 3/24 9:15 am. The Campus article.


8 thoughts on “Poli Sci Professor Charged With Embezzlement

  1. whaaaaat? wow. she is a good professor! but now i understand why she was a little crazy last fall.

  2. Oops! It means someone who doesn’t have a paid subscription to the Addison Independent. The newspaper only lets readers see full versions of a few articles online if they don’t subscribe.

  3. This story caught my eye in the Boston Globe…your post was much more informative! Good job.

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  5. These are comments I found at the bottom of a related article

    “In the article in the Independent, the president of the Salisbury Historical Society was quoted as saying that their fundraising efforts garner about $2000 “in a good year.” He also explained that “The use of society funds must be approved by the society’s full board of trustees, said Whitney.”

    “Note that Prof. Carmola is, at least right now, the “C. A. Johnson Fellow in Political Philosophy”. With an endowed fellowship, her salary is certainly well above the average for an associate professor.

    So, she “borrowed” funds (a total of 11 times! obviously without authorization from the Society’s Board) that represented more than two years of earnings for the Historical Society, an amount that she would earn in something over two weeks. And she didn’t think anything was wrong with that. Ironic, indeed.”

  6. I haven’t seen coverage on this story in any college forum, which I find surprising and curious.

    In July, Professor pleaded “no contest” to the felony embezzlement charges, as the state’s attorney refused to plea bargain the charge down to a misdemeanor. Not “contesting” the charges is an admission of guilt.

    The upsetting thing is the college now has a felon on its faculty. Will any news of this no contest plea be forthcoming? Will anything be done to Professor Carmola, or does the college have different standards for faculty and staff?

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