Sunday Reading: LOL OMG ♥. That is all.

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the brief hiatus on Sunday Reading posts, Spring Break = me doing very little work.  We’re all back now though and it’s time for the final charge into the end of the semester.  Here’s my random list of news stories/interesting things from the week:

THE FIGHTER: This article reveals how the filmmakers of this year’s “The Fighter” brought in an HBO fight crew to shoot all of the fight scenes in just 3 days, as opposed to the usual studio 35 days.

CRICKET: Wright Thompson, an ESPN writer, went on the road with the Indian National Cricket Team this season, and now, after their spectacular World Championship victory, reports on his experiences. Also, a pretty fascinating explanation of the game for someone who has never played.

CONGRESS: Instead of shutting down late Friday night, Congress stayed in session after a last-minute deal between Obama, Reid, and Boehner that approved a spending bill with $38 billion dollars in cuts over the next 6 months.

LIBYA: With all the fun of potential Congressional shutdowns, it can be easy to forget the other dramas occuring around the world.  In Libya, fighting continues with NATO and rebel forces gaining strength on Qaddafi strongholds.

FOMO: As discussions about the role of social media in our lives pervade academic discussions (including the introduction of LOL, OMG, and ♥ to the Oxford English Dictionary), this article looks at how social media sites induce feelings of the ‘fear of missing out.’

TINA FEY: I love Tina Fey.  So does this writer.  If you do too, you should read this.

EDUCATION: Sometimes writing 4 essays a semester on the history of environmental writing and literature is not the best preparatory experience for a real-world career.  Scott Adams suggests that learning how to run a business instead may be the best experience for an college student.

and your video of the week: