2011 Spring Student Symposium

Bi Hall abuzz with poster presentations

Ever wonder what your friend’s thesis topic is really about? Dying to know the outcome of that random psych study you participated in? Just really stoked about not having class on Friday?

That’s right folks; it’s that time of year again. The 2011 Spring Student Symposium is taking place this Friday, April 15th. From Bi Hall to Johnson to the CFA, students will be showcasing works on numerous topics from Civil Wars in Ancient Rome to a Sociological Study on Vincent A. Jones IV. A full schedule can be found here, including locations of talks and additional information on the events occurring Thursday night. For more information on the Symposium in general, check out go/sym.

Here at MiddBlog, we are extra excited for the Symposium this year as we will be providing live coverage of the event all day. In addition to writing up reviews and profiles for many of the talks and presenters, we will have a poster display in the Great Hall featuring a live twitter feed as well as information on what MiddBlog does and how we operate. If you follow Twitter and have things to share regarding the Symposium throughout the day, make sure to add the hashtag #middsym to the end of your tweet. We will be tracking these all day from our display in Bi Hall. If you have any suggestions on specific events we should check out, email the editors at tips [at] midd-blog.com.

Just like the other Symposium presenters, we’re a recent student initiative, and we’re just as interested in feedback as everyone else. We hope to see you there!