Spring Symposium- Friday, Session II Recap

The Presenters and Vincent A. Jones IV

Vincent A. Jones IV: A Sociological Analysis of the Matrix of Domination on Middlebury’s Campus:

Jay Saper ’13, Dominic Atkatz ‘12,  and  Amy Kwak ‘12 present about the infamous V.A.J. to a room packed past capacity. Vincent himself joins the conversation via Skype, beginning the presentation with his quintessential, “Salutations!”

The trio present quotes from Midd students interviewed about Jones, and then analyze the responses with sociological theory. The presentation, they note, is not just about Jones; rather, Jones becomes a device that exposes how Middlebury students think about race, sexuality, class, and performance.

Jones takes questions from the audience. He proposes that the difference between himself and all of us is that he acknowledges and embraces the fact that life is a performance:

“People need to realize that we are all performing. I’m not the only one.”