Sunday Reading: It’s a piece of cake to bake a gender-coded cake

Hey everyone!  Without any further ado, to get outside the bubble of Middlebury, here is a conglomeration of news articles/weird things I find in my spare time.

POWERSHIFT: 10,000 young environmental activists (including 235 from Middlebury) are descending upon Washington, D.C. this weekend for the biannual conference/rally/protest known as Powershift. (As an environmental policy major, this gets me pretty excited)

GENDER DEBATES: A Jcrew ad showing a boy with pink nail polish sparks an interesting debate over gender identity among readers.  In another article, writers claim that pink didn’t always inherently mean “girl.” Finally, in this video a couple ridiculously uses pink and blue cake to identify the unknown sex of their unborn child.

BUDGET PLAN: We all know Obama has big plans for the future of our nation.  This great guide does an excellent job outlining Obama’s budget plan he revealed in a speech at George Washington University Friday. (Thx @j_fuller)

BUSINESS: The Flip video camera, a nice simple video camera (I have one, it’s great), will no longer be produced as the company that acquired it two years ago has discontinued production.  Sadness.

FACEBOOK: In yet another lawsuit, Mark Zuckerberg is being sued over the rights to Facebook.

TORNADOES: A series of tornadoes swept through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia this weekend, killing at least 43 before heading out to sea.

PEEPS:  I do love a good peeps diorama.  (Thx @bgendron12)

And now, your video of the week: