Be H.I.P. and Pop the Bubble

A few days ago, while reading Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure skimming through my Facebook news feed, I stumbled upon a particularly negative, albeit accurate status from a fellow Midd Kid:

So, Egyptian revolution, Libyan civil war, Japanese earthquake, nuclear crisis, Ivory Coast massacre, South American oil spill, Gulf oil spill, Tucson shootings, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, mass animal die-offs, economics crises, Charlie Sheen. wtf, world.

Only failing to mention Rebecca Black, this Midd student quite effectively revealed the tragedy/disaster/crisis-prone world we currently occupy. But there’s more to it, that is, to these tidbits of news events. It’s difficult, though, while immersed in the infamous Middlebury bubble, to possess a world perspective beyond NY Times headlines and terse Gawker blog posts.

This Sunday at 2:30 in the Gamut Room, “Be H.I.P.” returns once again to pop the bubble and enlighten. And this time around, a panel of Midd Kids will be answering the question: What’s going on in the Arab world in 2011?

The panel:
Charlie Arnowitz ’13 on Political Science
Anil Menon ’13 on History and Economics
Peter Kaplan ’13 on Geography
Mia Benjamin ’13 on Religion
Anna Mysliwiec ’11 on Women’s and Gender Studies

The panel will be followed by an hour of informal conversation with the student speakers, as well as baked goods, tea and coffee available from the Gamut Room.