The $4 milkshake

First, get your mind out of the gutter.

Second, after too many rainy days, it’s finally sunny and warm enough to dress and live like you’re in one of the pictures on Midd promotional materials. To help you enjoy the weather, and to help stop your brain from overheating during finals, we present Three places to get amazing $4 milkshakes, all within walking distance of campus.

Enjoy the map! Click each blue tag for a description, or read the text below.

  1. Steve’s Park Diner. Your classic milkshake. Arrives at your table in a tall, cold metal cup. Gives you almost 2 big glass-fulls. Vanilla and coffee are especially delicious, but beware the strawberry: they use syrup instead of the real thing, and you can tell. Nice waitresses, down-home feel, relaxing atmosphere. Steve’s is only open till 2 pm, so don’t be late. Flavors: vanilla, chocolate, coffee, strawberry.
  2. Middlebury Market (AKA Sama’s). Slightly closer than Steve’s. Lots more flavors to choose from, just as tasty, and you don’t have to get a seat at a table to order. However, less milkshake for your 4 bucks and a more generic atmosphere. Mint chocolate chip and moose tracks flavors are major selling points. Flavors: any ice cream they serve.
  3. Middlebury Chocolates. This is a serious milkshake. The two flavors, Chocolate and Mexican Vanilla, are both unusual. The first is refreshing and sweet. The second is intense and rich. A nice tall glass (more than Sama’s, less than Steve’s), homemade whipped cream, four different kinds of sugar-esque things. Definitely an experience.