Midd Alums’ site partners up with Shark Week

As Middlebury alumni gather on campus for class reunions this weekend, check out this exciting project of two Midd alums, brought to you by guest blogger, Ashley Cheung ’11.

Remember Mike Bender ’97, creator of Webby-winning AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com?

He and Matt Bijur ’97 paired up to co-found another hit Web site. It’s called Squabbler.com, where opponents post their respective sides of an argument in video clips and viewers vote on who wins. Their site is partnering with Discovery Channel to power a Shark Week website challenge.

The challenge is simple: submit a 30-second video commercial showing how you celebrate Shark Week. (Click on the screenshot below to see Andy Sandberg’s call for submissions.) Finalists move on to a tournament bracket on Squabbler, competing against each other as viewers vote on who swims to the next round, and who gets sunk.

What’s the catch? The winning commercial will air on Discovery Channel several times during Shark Week. Don’t wait – get going today.  The official submission period begins on June 12. Get the rules and more info at SharkWeekChallenge.com.

So sink your teeth into the ultimate Shark Week fan face-off while supporting fellow MiddKids. Bender says,

I’m always trying to think of Midd students and knowing that there is a lot of young talent there, I wanted to reach out and at least make them aware of the opportunity.