Middlebury drops in Princeton Review 2012 rankings

With the usual disclaimer that these lists mean nothing, below are the Princeton Review 2012 rankings for Middlebury.

Comparing the list to 2011 / 2010 / 2009, you’ll notice that Middlebury has dropped off the list entirely in several categories: best campus food, best career services, dorms like palaces, best athletic facilities, and best quality of life. Middlebury picked up a ranking this year for best college library (congrats, LIS!). The rest of the categories have dropped or stayed the same in rank — these categories are mostly the academic categories.

Middlebury also continues to make the list for Best Northeastern Colleges.

Rank  List
#15 Most Popular Study Abroad Program
#12 Best College Library
#13 Professors Get High Marks
#12 School Runs Like Butter
#14 Students Study the Most
#15 Best Classroom Experience

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