Advice for incoming Middlebury freshmen

We have been soliciting advice for freshmen (or first-years if you want to be politically correct) on Twitter. Have a look. Feel free to agree, disagree, or otherwise add to the advice in the comments or tweet us a few of your own lines of advice.

A debate.

Academic advice.

“Take your time deciding what you want to study, but avoid getting carried away exploring. Some depts have steep degree requirements.” via @b_fung

Social Life advice.


The “take advantage” advice.!/annaesten/status/99615652079353856

Very specific advice.

Overall advice.


3 thoughts on “Advice for incoming Middlebury freshmen

  1. Take classes with the best professors, regardless of the topic. Allow yourself to be surprised, and to be swept up unexpectedly. Fall term freshman year (’75), I took an introductory Geography course, got the worst grade of my academic career, and ended up majoring in it–all because of Professor Malmstrom.

  2. Don’t worry that you aren’t doing well enough in your classes or making enough friends. It seems like everyone else is doing great but most people are just as stressed as you are; it’s just that nobody really talks about it. You’ll have good and bad times, and in the end it’ll all work out. Don’t be shy about talking to your Commons dean about any issues; that’s what they’re there for.

    Specific advice: Do your best and learn as much as you can because you only get one shot at undergrad. Midd professors are amazing and very accessible; get to know them in class and during office hours, especially the professors in your major. When you’re a senior looking for advice on your thesis/grad school/jobs/life in general (or for recommendations), you’ll value those relationships. Bottom line: learn and have as much fun as you can while remaining acceptably rested and sane. College goes by faster than you expect, so don’t waste your time on classes, activities or people that you don’t really enjoy.

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