Watch Sophie Clarke ’11 on Survivor South Pacific

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Sophie Clarke ’11 joins Frank Sweeney ’11 in what’s shaping up to be Middlebury’s big brush with TV stardom this Fall. Clarke taped the 23rd season of the popular reality show just after graduation and was pegged as: “one of the smartest women to ever play the game [and] one of the most athletic.” This season takes place in Upolu, Samoa. Take a look at the promo videos below. The series begins September 14th.

Read Sophie’s public bio. Also check out Sophie’s Facebook fan page.


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  2. Spent three wonderful years in Samoa and on all of the Islands. There are no snakes and there are rats that will not hurt you but plenty of food in the Bread Fruit trees, coconuts to drink and use the coconut to wring out more milk to make things taste better, fish off the reef (standing on the reef) to spear bigger fish and dive in the morning early for even a lobster dinner.

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