Middlebury Drops one to #5 in U.S. News Rankings 2012

U.S News and World Report published its annual rankings and Middlebury College dropped one spot to number 5 on the list of National Liberal Arts Colleges. Middlebury was ranked #4 in the 2009 and 2010 rankings. This year the College was included as #16 in the “Best Value Schools” among national liberal arts colleges — this metric uses academic ranking and net cost of attendance for average level financial aid. Midd also tied many of our peers for the fourth spot in the High School Counselor Rankings this year which added select military academies to liberal arts school category.

The Monterey Institute of International Affairs (listed under Middlebury) garnered a ranking of #57 for Public Affairs in the grad school rankings but was unranked for “best business schools.”

Princeton Review rankings 2012

Forbes.com ranking 2012