Stephen’s Science Syndicate: Life, Happiness, and Coffee?

When did J-Term End??

I’ve never actually seen any real statistics on how much the average Middlebury student drinks coffee, but I’m sure its astoundingly high. With mid-terms and finals along with every Sunday night, it appears that coffee at Middlebury is consumed with the same intensity that students participate in extracurriculars, study, and loathe winter. Speaking of winter, it often seems that around campus by the middle of February, many of us begin to fall into the depression style funk of Old Man Winter. Well according to this new study of another highly stressed population, nurses, coffee may actually reduce the risk of depression by up to twenty percent.

The study compared the risk of depression on female nurses who had drank between zero and three or more cups of coffee per day. Those who drank four cups a day had a reduced risk of depression of twenty percent. Meanwhile, those nurses who drank one cup a day had a reduced risk as well but not nearly as much compared to those essentially mainlining coffee.