SGA Sound Off: Presidential Elections begin with new election guidelines

Brittany, a new contributor to Middblog, will be writing a semi-regular SGA column for the betterment of all students, as it is their Student Government after all!

After a heated presidential election season last spring, the election season has begun again! Of course, there are the traditional First-Year Senatorial Positions (good luck guys and gals!), but the race I’ll have my eye on is the President Election. Since Riley O’Rourke, President elect, resigned his post due to personal reasons (as The Campus covered), the field has opened once more.

With five candidates and the new election guidelines as set by the Arnowitz-Esten Fair Elections Act of 2011 in play for this election, it’s sure to be one to follow! Never voted? No better time to start than now!

So what is this new elections bill you may wonder? The Arnowitz-Esten Act ensures that the SGA Elections are more clear and open than ever to a broad base of students, and the candidates are more accessible. The biggest improvement that I find is the mandate for “at least one” Candidate Forum for the President of SGA. Other than notorious Facebook groups, interesting posters, and the personal statements and endorsements published in The Campus, there has historically been no other place for candidates to interact and engage with the student body. This could be the time where the SGA finally gets the attention and energy it deserves.

YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE Middlebury. Be sure to vote, and make it a good one!

And here are your  five candidates:

-Kevin Broussard ’12
-Luke Carroll Brown ‘13.5
-Nathan LaBarba ’14
-Mugo Mutothori ’12
-Vin Recca ’12

Be sure to check The Campus on Thursday for more info and attend the Election Forum to be held Friday, October 7th @4:30pm in the McCullough Social Space.

Update 10/2 10:32PM
The Student Government Administration is soliciting questions for the Forum. Click here to submit your questions for the candidates.