Real World: San Diego Episode 2 Recap

Check out last week’s recap for an overview of the premise, the cast, and the backstory to this week’s episode. 

Episode 2: “Danas, Derrieres and Drama”

This week’s dose of drama begins with some damage control after the drunken confrontations that ended last week’s episode. Frank ’11 apologizes to Alexandra for being so possessive, but the potential “Fralexandra” loveplot thickens as A’s long-distance boyfriend calls with concerns about being apart.

As for everyone else: Nate’s on a mission to get some girls, but takes a blow to his ego when Sam scores some digits instead. Later Nate gets ditched by his “love” interest, Dana, a blondie he met at the bar. He picks up another blonde, though, conveniently also named Dana, and heals his wounded pride by ditching her to party with the cast instead. Meathead Zach and housemate Ashley get touchy at the gym (maybe because she was working out in nothing but spandex underwear? Worth noting that she has yet to make a reputation for herself other than “the hot one”). Nate and Sam bond over pranking the girls, a sign that Sam is feeling more accepted as one of the bros.

Sexual identity is a prominent theme in episode 2. Frank opens up to Alexandra about his father’s painful response to his coming out. Despite A’s advice to Frank to cut himself off from his family “cold turkey,” he expresses a hope that things will get better. After a few too many drinks towards the end of the episode, Frank blows up at the boys for not accepting him for who he is. Nate confirms that he is “freaked out” by Frank’s bisexuality but says he still supports Frank. The house comes together to talk Frank down from the ledge, and he tearfully explains to them that his tough family situation is what makes him so combative.

During the show, Frank tweeted encouragement to LGBT teens struggling with the coming-out process. He mentioned the “It Gets Better” project, a movement founded by syndicated columnist Dan Savage. After a highly publicized string of suicides by bullied LGBT teens last fall, Savage posted a video addressed to LGBT youth, reassuring them that, “however bad it was in high school or middle school…it gets better.” Thousands have posted “It Gets Better” videos of their own, including President Barack Obama and Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin.

Here are a few tweets from Frank’s feed during the show:

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! The drama returns next Wednesday, 10pm EST.


8 thoughts on “Real World: San Diego Episode 2 Recap

  1. This guy is so bipolar and psychotic! He is in no position to offer advice. It does get better, but he shouldn’t even be saying that when he himself isn’t a respectable person in the LGBT community! He can’t even fully come out of the closet.. stop doing whatever it takes to seek attention dude.

    • I don’t disagree with the statement that Frank isn’t a model member of the LGBT community, but what does “he can’t even fully come out of the closet” mean?

    • “It does get better”? Seriously?

      Sooo sick of people assuming all queer people’s lives improve once they’re out in “the real world.” Try telling the trans women of color harassed by the police and locked up in men’s prisons for fighting back against their transphobic attackers that “it gets better.”


  2. @Adrian:

    We can debate whether Frank is a good role model, but he is promoting a project that provides great resources for LGBT teens. What do you think- does his behavior undermine or overshadow his sound advice?

    From what we heard in Episode 2, it sounds like Frank has taken big risks in the name of “coming out of the closet,” especially with his family. Are you suggesting that identifying as bisexual is just a step in fully identifying as gay or lesbian?

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