Music scene at Midd heats up this weekend

Lamb Chop and the Mint Jam perform a show in a social house. Hopefully there will be more concerts happening with the help of MMU

A little less than a month ago, MiddBlog posted an article about Midd’s hardly happening music scene and Middlebury Musicians United (MMU)‘s mission to turn things around. MMU has revamped its approach to livening the social scene by actively recruiting musicians and promoting the formation of new bands. With access to a multitude of venues and the purchase of brand spankin’ new equipment for the recording studio and practice space, MMU is forging ahead in their quest to shake things up on the social front.

It’s been a few weeks since the start of school and many bands have started to get their wheels rolling, so I decided to check in with MMU president Mike Gadomski ‘13.5 to get an update on MMU’s progress and find out what music events are going down this weekend.

MiddBlog: What kinds of new equipment are going into the new studio and practice space?

Mike: For the practice space, our goal is to provide a set-up where the band can walk in and have what they need to play. A drumset, guitar amp, and bass amp will be added to the existing PA system. There are also lockers that can be rented for free so students can store their personal equipment. For the studio, we’re upgrading the computer and console, improving the drum set, and adding a patch bay and new preamps. There will also be equipment available exclusively for live performances – a drum set, bass amp, and PA to start.

MiddBlog: Will there be any assistance available for those wanting to use this equipment for live shows?

Mike:  Yeah! We have an arrangement with the Production Advisory Group where we provide the equipment and PAG helps set up and will run the sound system for the performance, anywhere you want to play on campus.

MiddBlog: That sounds great! Are you happy with how things have been running so far?

Mike: Yeah, we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from a lot of people including relevant student groups like MCAB and some of the social houses. Last weekend, we had six different events featuring student artists. We’re hoping to continue this momentum.

MiddBlog: So what are your future goals for MMU?

Mike: We want to get to the point where there are multiple bands and solo artists that are consistently playing live at a variety of different venues. When Midd students go out on a Friday or Saturday night, we want them to have the option to see quality live music. Right now, we’re trying to get the message out that we have the resources and talent to make these goals a reality.

MiddBlog: You mentioned having music events on Fridays and Saturdays. What shows are going on this weekend?

Mike: A group that we are partnering with is reopening the Bunker tonight, and three of our campus’s best DJs are spinning. Taylor Smith is playing at Crossroads Cafe 8:00PM. For Saturday night, we’ve got McKay Sheftall playing the Grille at 8:00 PM. In the future, we’ll have a lot of shows at 51 Main and the Gamut Room, and we hope to expand to other spaces such as the social houses, the mods, and the bunker for non-electronic shows.

To get involved with MMU, check out go/mmu or email

Readers, keep checking MiddBlog for updates, pictures, and reviews covering musical events on campus!