Five Founding Facts About Middlebury College

1. Middlebury is considered the first “operating” college in Vermont as it was the first to hold classes in November 1800. Middlebury issued the first Vermont degree in 1802; UVM followed in 1804.

2. The German Language School, founded in 1915 under the supervision of then-President John Martin Thomas established the tradition of the Middlebury College Language Schools.

Bi-Hall actually boasts a surprising history.

3. The National Christmas Tree tradition began in 1923 after the College donated a 48-foot balsam fir for use at the White House. Calvin Coolidge, a Vermont-native in the first year of his presidency, flipped the electric switch to commence 87 years of tradition.

4. Bi-Hall, the fortress of  “Cell Hell” and labs, is actually named after a history professor: John M. McCardell, Jr. On another interesting note, when Professor McCardell was elected by the Board of Trustees as the 15th president of Middlebury College in 1992, he became the first member of the College’s faculty to serve as president since Ezra Brainerd more than a century ago.

5. On March 18th, 2010, famed, anonymous Midd tweeter, MiddTwitt, posted its first tweet: “rip atwitter.”


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