Getting From Middlebury to Middle-of-Anywhere

Have you been to the roof of Gifford?

Time your departure right and drive off into the sunset.

While it may often feel like travel from Middlebury to the rest of the world is impossible without a car, there are more travel options than you might think.

  • The easiest option is taking the College’s break buses, which run to New York ($55), Boston ($45), and the Burlington Airport/ Bus Station ($12). Buy tickets at go/tickets and ride with all of your friends (plus that girl you see around everywhere).
  • To use pretty much any non-College transportation option, you have to get to Burlington. This is made easy by Addison County Transit Resources (ACTR). The Burlington Link Express (LINK) runs from Middlebury to Burlington weekday mornings and evenings leaving from Middlebury Exchange St Storage. On Saturday the bus is easier to catch, running more often and leaving from Adirondack Circle.
  • If you’re not enthused about the break bus’s high prices, have no fear. There is a new, cheaper option for getting from Burlington to Boston: the Megabus. While the seating may be cramped, one-way tickets for this charter bus cost from $1 to $15 or so. Buy them online early and get to Boston for less than a Naked smoothie! The bus leaves almost every day from Burlington at 11 AM and 8 PM.
  • If you have a car and need some company or want to help another stranded student out, it’s worth checking Middlebury’s rideboard, go/rides. It is restricted to only Middlebury-affiliated folks, so you can get all of the fun of picking up a hitchhiker with none of the worries.
  • Also worth exploring is the Amtrak train schedule, which runs from Burlington and Rutland to across the Northeast but is a little pricier. Good luck getting out of town!