Real World: San Diego Episode 3 Recap

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Episode 3: “A Pig Walks Into a Gay Bar…”

Real World round three begins when the housemates drive Frank ’11 and Sam to one of San Diego’s gay bars. In the car on the ride home, windows up and driving away at top speed, Zach, Nate and Ashley make a number of homophobic comments…regrettable, but not surprising. Inside the club, Frank is taken aback by the dancing men in Speedos (Vermont’s gay nightlife was apparently no comparison. Surprise?). He knocks back a few drinks, though, then gets comfortable- on a couch. on top of another guy.  A heavy makeout sesh ensues (reminded me of the Bunker, RIP). The drama starts when the makeout turns takeout; Frank and unnamed man return home and make sloppy love in some shared spaces, including the hot tub and the shower. The rest of the housemates express varying degrees of “ew, gross,” which leads to another Frank breakdown about not feeling accepted.

Later, after another night out with Sam, drunk Frank walks in on Nate and unnamed girl hooking up  in the bedroom and loses it big time. He claims that there’s a double standard in the house;  his gay hookup caused a house meltdown, but Nate’s straight hookup (also including hot tub canoodling) was “no big deal.” When the dust settles, a number of vases and a postdmodern wall sculpture are among the victims. After a tearful conversation with the girls, Frank stumbles out of the house, leaving everyone to wonder whether it would be best for him to leave for good.

Sam, Priscilla, and Alexandra meet up with Frank the next morning. He has no recollection of the night before but when briefed on it, he is quick to acknowledge that his behavior was unacceptable. The girls express their concerns about everyone’s safety after Frank’s “extreme” bouts of drinking. The girls are happy to welcome Frank back into their “home,” under the condition that he change his behavior. He promises not to drink “to the same extent” anymore and says he’ll “go to therapy.”

So…the prodigal son returns home and makes amends by taking the house out to a fancy dinner. Roomie Nate graciously accepts his apology, but it appears that Zach and Ashley aren’t as happy about his return.

Over the course these first three episodes, the castmates have settled into more predictable roles.  Priscilla and Alexandra often play the sensible mediators, Sam is the reliable wingwoman, and Ashley has yet to say anything of substance. As for the hombres: Nate is both friend and foe, Zach is a bigot, and Frank is the lighter fluid just waiting for a spark. The roles may be predictable, but the circumstances may not be….more to come next week!

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