Real World: San Diego Episode 4 Recap

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Midterms bogging you down? If you just couldn’t pull yourself away from that riveting lab report for a 40-minute foray into the world of shamelessly irredeemable reality TV, I have two pieces of good news for you. One: as always, I’ve got your back with a full recap. Two: you didn’t miss much.

Episode 4: Hair-Razing Arguments and Sticky Situations

Reality TV at its finest: Nate eats a live fish.

In all honesty, this was a “meh” episode. I ended up watching some “Extreme Couponing” on TLC afterwards to get my heart rate back up to normal, but I’ll do my best to keep this interesting.

At the end last week’s episode, Frank promised the ladies that he’d seek help for his tendency towards violent, confrontational behavior when drunk. Episode 4 starts with Frank’s visit to a therapist (does a cameo on the Real World help or hurt the doc’s business, I wonder?). Frank leaves encouraged that talking out his probs will minimize conflict back at the house. Later, the gang takes a deep-sea fishing trip. Everyone seems to have a blast, but Nate arguably has the most fun puking up fush guts and getting a nasty sunburn. What’s a fishing trip without that one guy who bites a live anchovy in half, amiright?!?

That night, Nate follows up on a promise to faces his queer fear, and visits a gay bar with Frank. One thing leads to another, and he comes out of the closet and has a sexy makeout with Frank  ends up bringing two straight girls back to the house. One thing leads to another and they have a sexy threesome   the ladies draw all over his sunburned face with Sharpie (heyo high school!). Didn’t I tell you this was a good one?

Another main storyline: Alexandra’s boyf Byron drops in for a visit. Considering the  Fralexandra sexual tension in Episode 1 and Alexandra’s anxieties about long-distance relationship from last episode, we’re all ready for a dramatic showdown. “Dramatic showdown” takes the form of a catfight when Byron declines to hold Alexandra’s sticky popsicle-y hand (heyo, middle school!) Don’t worry, the two find love again in a San Diego sunset and half a  bottle of cheap white wine. By the end of the episode, they’re good as gold.

Oh, and did I mention we get to meet “the people who made Priscilla” ?! The gang heads to Priscilla’s house for the 4th of July. Her mother officially shows she’s a “cool mom” by downing tequila shots with her daughter’s friends while underage Priscilla dutifully squeezes the limes for everyone. Dad, grandma, and great-grandpa also show that they’re down to party. Too cute.

Then the tears arrive: Priscilla and mom have a heart-to-heart, and then during the fireworks display Nate loses it. Turns out he’s struggling with the suicide of his best friend. Later in the episode, Nate ends up partnering with two watch-maker entrepreneurs to design a blog for suicide prevention. Before the episode is through, Frank briefly loses his cool- Priscilla gives him a free haircut and a free bald spot, but they smooth it over (the argument, not the hair).

The bottom line: the only notable event of the night was Nate’s breakdown. We learn he’s not just your average macho, horny live-fish eating Kansan; he’s a sensitive guy with a heart. We’ll have to see how his roomies help him (or don’t help him) process some of his hurt.

That’s all! A few tweets highlights are below. See you next week!


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