Sunday Reading: The Ghoulish Edition.

Well it’s fall break here and campus is as empty as ever.  Most midterms are finished too, so we’ve got all the more reason to celebrate.  Last week, Midd got a new SGA president and experienced what has to be the last 75 degree day of the year. (Also, I’m going to apologize ahead of time for my New York Times addiction in light of the cap on internet reading, I can’t help myself.) In other news:

TEXAS: Most of us have heard by now that Texas recently ended the tradition of serving last meals to death row inmates, but the food rationing has gone beyond final meals.  In an effort to save $2.8 million in food costs, officials have cut lunches on the weekends for inmates in the Texas prison system.

TELEVISION: Reality TV shows are designed to be lost and for the Price is Right, only one contestant in its 38 year history correctly guessed the exact value of the Showcase Showdown.  Here’s an excellent profile of that contestant and beating the game.

RANDOM: Apparently, a UK man special-ordered a size 14.5 slipper for one foot that was slightly larger than the other.  Instead, the man received a size 1,450 slipper from the Chinese manufacturer- according to him, it is the size of a family car.  Some speculate the story is a hoax and an elaborate PR stunt for the slippers.  Either way, its a freaking giant slipper.

HALLOWEEN: In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, here’s a humorous piece about political correctness about day of the dead and halloween in schools. “Finally, to those parents who are offended by our Day of the Dead celebration, I’d like to point out that there are parents who are offended that you are offended.”

MEDICINE: Preliminary results from a clinical trial indicate that nearly half of children treated with an anti-malaria vaccine were protected from the disease, a result of over 25 years of work and study.

MILITARY: While the debate still continues at Midd, our Ivy-league colleagues have recently re-introduced the ROTC program to their campuses.  The program, barred at many colleges and universities due to discriminatory policies has been reinstated in some after the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

And your video of the week: