Midd Vox Pop: What reality TV show character would you be?

"I would want to be like the one normal dude in the house, like Vinny in Jersey Shore."

This year Maya Goldberg-Safir ’12 and Patrick D’Arcy ’12 started a WRMC radio show called “Midd Vox Pop” that airs every Sunday from 4-6PM on 91.1FM.  On each show, they intersperse minute long “vox pops” among bad pop songs.

What is a vox pop?  It is a interviewing technique used by broadcast journalists where they ask random people on the street to spontaneously answer a question.  The word “vox pop” originates from the Greek “vox populi,” which means voice of the people, so the goal is to capture the raw opinion of the public on some topic.  Here is the Wikipedia page for more information.

For the past month or two, Goldberg-Safir and D’Arcy have been going around the Middlebury campus collecting people’s anonymous answers to juicy questions and making vox pops out of them. You can visit their website to see what they have done so far.

MiddBlog thought this was a refreshing way to engage the community and we’ve decided to start a weekly series where we will post on or two of their vox pops and see what our readers think of the Middlebury community’s answers to their questions.  Here is the first one we will post, fitting for the reality TV show madness happening of late with Midd alumni in Survivor and the Real World:

What reality TV show character would you be?


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