A Guide To Middlebury’s #Anonymous Tweeters

The Middlebury twittersphere is vast. With accounts for the college, administrators, dining halls, professors and friends, it can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest micro-bloggers. We’re always trying to make your life easier at MiddBlog, so we’ve rounded up Middlebury’s funniest anonymous Twitter accounts. Did we leave anyone out? Let us know in the comments section below.

@middtwitt: The infamous and the original. Tweeting about personal issues and current and upcoming campus events, Midd Twitt is the most active and reliably humorous account on our list, making it a must-follow for all Middlebury students.

@NickJansenMidd: You might recognize him from Twilight desk graffiti and writing on various bathroom walls. This mysterious Middlebury character has been known to converse with middtwitt, vent about campus events and air his dirty laundry to the masses.

@middbrofasho: This lax bro crushes Natty Ice like you’ve never seen, er, read before. Bragging about picking up girls, prep schools and daddy’s yacht, this account is always good for a semi-ironic, eye roll-inducing tweet or two.

@battellbiddies: New to the twittersphere, the Battell Biddies are just some first-year girls who love to have a good time (and could probably afford to take a spelling lesson or two). Clandestine pregames in Battell doubles and catty girl drama are the most popular subjects of their tweets. This account certainly has the potential to be great. After all, everyone loves a good jab at freshmen…


@middtwat: Think of this as your shameless friend who tends to share a liiiittle too much information about what she did on Saturday night… or last night… or in between classes. Midd Twat is always good for an inappropriate, blatanly sexual tweet, even if she doesn’t seem to be as active as she was last year…

@middblazed: Middlebury’s resident Stoner-in-Chief tweets his (or her) thoughts while under the influence and high as a kite. While Midd Blazed isn’t the most active tweeter on our list, this is a fun one to follow because you never know what he (or she) will say next.


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