Real World: San Diego Episode 5 Recap

Still not sure what all this is about? Neither are we. But here are Recaps 1 thru 4. 

Episode 5: “Over the Rainbow”

After a slooow episode last week, viewers tuned in last night to give the “Real World” another chance to deliver. Most of this week’s installment seemed to be a build-up to next week’s San Diego Pride Parade episode, but there were enough tears and partisan redecorating initiatives to keep things interesting.

An unexpected phone call in the show’s opening minutes set the stage for the drama to follow. Sam learns from a friend back home that her two closest friends were seriously injured in car accident, and that one of them lost a leg. Nate steps in to comfort her. The perfect storm unfolds when Zach, both unaware of the bad news and incapable of contributing to the show much more than bigotry and suspiciously large pectorals, makes an off-the-cuff threat to “beat the gay” out of Sam. Whether his comment was intentional or just plain stupid, it’s too much to sweep under the rug. Zach makes matters worse by refusing to apologize (points for consistency, at least?)

Next up- the gang heads to job interviews at the House of Blues, where they’ll be working as bartenders and hosts/hostesses. The ease of the process is slightly cringe-worthy considering that nearly 1 in 10 Americans is unemployed, but since when is Real World supposed to be tactful, huh?

The kids also keep busy by planning for their volunteer shift at the San Diego Pride parade. The summer 2011 parade, held shortly after the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”  was the first in which openly-gay active servicemembers marched. Some members of the RW gang plan to be there to assist them.

Cue the montage of Frank and Sam trying on bright pink tutus and buying Pride accessories, spliced together with shots of Zach and Ashley shooting assault rifles at the range. DIVERSITY! AMERICA! Both camps return home to do some rogue redecorating; Zach hangs shooting targets around the house, and Sam and Frank put some rainbow stickers on Zach’s stuff. Nothing spells great feng shui like a Tea Party banner and a rainbow Pride flag in the same room, amiright?!

Back to the Pride planning- Zach says he likes to go to “church, the gym, and gun ranges…” and not gay events. He decides to back out of the parade volunteering and also declines (with Ashley) to stay home while the gang hits up a Pride Week lesbian party with Sam. Sam is upset that Zach and Ashley won’t even give the gay community a chance, but a surprisingly serene Frank tries to convince her to let it go. In response, Sam gives a tearful Braveheart-worthy speech about being proud to be gay and “not backing down.”

That’s the cliffhanger that ends this week’s episode. Expect a whole lotta drama next week when the rainbow contingent goes to Pride as the red, white & blue “true American” pair remain at home as conscientious objectors.





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