Editor’s Pick: Judah Friedlander

Judah Friedlander

Come see me!

Wondering how to start off your Homecoming weekend pre-Bunker and/or LoFo? How about some fantastic comedy from 30 Rock’s very own Judah Friedlander!

In his very own words, “If you come to the show, that means you’re cool. If you don’t, it means you hate America.”

What:  Stellar Stand-Up by Judah Friedlander! Judah is a comedic force of the ages with his cross of messy hair, blue-collar-comedy-tour vibe, just a bit of narcissism (with his world champion title), and a laid-back made-for-mockumentary style. In addition to 30 Rock, he has been in over 20 movies and currently is on a stand-up tour. You can  be sure to count on the presence of the 30 Rock faithful in full force (#goTina) — though we cannot wait to see what else Friedlander can do!

When: TOMORROW Friday, Oct. 28th at 9:30pm (but I’d get there a  early to get a good seat).

Where: McCullough Social Space. A great venue,  still intimate enough to not have the weird vibe of sex jokes in Mead Chapel.

Price: $7 ($9 at the door) but don’t count on any tickets being left, so buy ASAP!

Also: Among his more notable accomplishments, being “The World Champion,”  he has written a great self-help book How to Beat Up Anybody. With “more than 500 photos! And lots of words,” it includes how to launch an air attack on bigfoot, levitation, and much more. Perhaps this could come in handy when trying to solve the ever-important how to beat up the bros in the Ross Sunday omlette  lines after they cut you for the bizillionth time (#sorrynotsorry).


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