7 thoughts on “MiddBlog continues redesign

  1. The print is nice. The word is linoleum.

    But if you’re gonna tap into Vermont cliches, mountains are always better than cows. Cows have very little to do with the college. And the mountains are grand…really a selling point for the school. The cows may only dial up the negatives related to our relatively remote location. And they’re arguably the more overused cliche.

  2. All the white and grey is dull–colors are free on the Internet!
    And I also agree with the mountains > cows. I only saw a cow from Bi Hall my entire stay at Midd.
    Kudos for taking a risk on redesign though. The layout is elegant.

  3. the cow says “middblog”

    is this speak and spell?

    the woodcut font on middblog has no relationship to the rest of the words and layout, which is minimalist and modern. so i feel a disconnect between the look of the art and the look of the rest of the blog templalte. it’s like 2 different worlds.

  4. i agree about the disconnect between the artistic graphic style of the woodcut versus the minimalist style of the content. i would suggest moving in one direction or the other. the two are clashing right now.

    also, lose the scrolling picture/blog post banner. blogs are all about the “now”. i don’t care about a blog post from three days ago because i’ve already read it (three days ago).

    i would also suggest incorporating images and graphics into posts at a larger scale. it helps to distinguish an “alternative” blog from a “corporate” blog.

    overall glad you guys are still in the redesign process.

  5. I do not like this change. I preferred the mountains or some form of traditional VT. This is not a dairy blog! What do cows have to do with our school and making it unique another than being around?

  6. Redesigns can be tough, especially when opened up for feedback from the public. See:
    1. Tropicana: http://adage.com/article/news/tropicana-line-s-sales-plunge-20-post-rebranding/135735/

    2. Gap: http://hyperallergic.com/10288/new-gap-logo/

    3. Middlebury: https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2628851566

    All 3 redesigned. People revolted. They changed back to the original.

    Though I don’t think that the backlash would be anywhere near as severe for MiddBlog, before embarking on a redesign, it’s best to first figure out what you’re about in order to avoid the same kind of reaction our own administration got with the maple leaf in ’08(?).

    Is MiddBlog about cows? Is it about mountains? It it about 3 M’s that make a maple leaf? Or is it about getting relevant and current information from the students for the students? The logo or banner should speak to what MiddBlog stands for. This will help avoid people saying “I do not like this change” without much follow-up.

    My own 2 cents on the redesign: The cow is a nice piece and I like the feel of the linoleum print. The contrast of something handmade with the clean lines in the layout is interesting, but I’m not sure if it’s right or wrong for MiddBlog. The handmade feel doesn’t work as well for the type which comes off as a bit amateur.

    If you’re sticking with the cow, I’d recommend taking the artwork into Photoshop, find a nice typeface that feels a bit handcrafted (not Papyrus though) and place that in the speech bubble instead of what’s currently there. Some color would help too.

    But hey, I’m just another opinion.

    Keep up the hard work guys, you’re making good progress. Shoot me an e-mail if you’re looking for any input (I did a bunch of this kind of stuff at Midd w/ the communications dept. and wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I’m now working in brand design out in Chicago and am still not really sure what I’m doing, but I can at least hopefully tell you what to watch out for and where to go for help.)

    — James ’10

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