Get to know your new SGA president: Vin Recca ’12

New SGA President Vin Recca '12

After a tumultous beginning of the year, Midd’s Student Government Association (SGA) has a new president: Vin Recca ’12.

If you’ve been paying attention, I’m sure you’ve heard all about his plans for SGA. But how much do you know about Recca outside of that? MiddBlog asked him some questions to reveal another side of Recca. Here they are:

What year/major are you?
I am a Senior Poli Sci major with a Religion and Econ Minor.

Where are you from and what is something interesting about your hometown?
I am from New York City. Instead of something interesting about NYC (thats pretty hard to pin down) I will tell you that I am a multi-generation NYer on both sides of my family.

Ross or Proctor?
Proctor, Booth Room.

Favorite study spot:
Library group study room.

What is your best SGA memory?
My best personal SGA memory is when I was a Sophomore Senator I found out that the Lib was going to cut 24 hour service the week before and during Finals Week. As a Senator, I immediately went to Mike Roy, Dean of LIS and we were able to work out a deal. My best institutional memory is when the SGA passed a bill supporting our ROTC Students. A lot of people against the bill came to voice their opinions and the debate got pretty heated. While the bill passed, it was terrific to see students actively interested in the SGA.

Song/artist I listen to when I need to ground myself:
I usually listen to “Brothers in Arms” by Dire Straits or anything that’s Gregorian Chant.

Spirit animal:
Some people say that my spirit animal is a weasel (not sure if that is a compliment). Personally, I am fond of a black swan (not in any way related to the movie of the same name).

Favorite politician (dead or alive):
I have two top politicians: Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Ted Kennedy. Joe Biden came from nothing and is one of the greatest defenders of the Middle Class. Ted Kennedy, a scion of privilege, always fought for the common person in this country. Additionally, despite his personal struggles with alcohol and his family, Ted Kennedy was able to stay the course and defend the causes of the Middle Class.

In my opinon, Frank sweeney is…
a troubled man.

What are/have you been involved in at Midd besides SGA?
I am an active member of the Mill and the Newman Club (Catholic Students org). I am also a sucker for everything arts related, though I wish I got out more and was able to see/hear everything going on on campus.

Top 3 things on your Middlebury bucket list:
A) Take some form of a dance class/workshop.
B) Play an intramural sport (or any sport for that matter).
C) Find the love of my life.

Post graduation plans (if any):
I plan on campaigning for a Democrat (it’s an election year). Im thinking of either Elizabeth Warren in MA, Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin, or for a NYC dem.

Must take professor/class:
EVERYONE should take a class with Professor Lunstead. I took his “Identity and Conflict in South Asia” and learned so much about the region. As a former ambassador and American diplomat, Professor Lunstead brings alot to the table. He is one of the nicest and funniest guys. He is also incredibly profound. His last lecture in our class brought me close to tears and still gives me chills to this day (even now as I type this). You would be remiss if you did not meet or take a class with Professor Lunstead. Its really difficult for me to stop typing about him now that class was so good.

Something you can’t tell by looking at me is:
I am a pretty easy going guy. Some people have said that I look standoffish or am intimidating but that is not the case at all. I absolutely love talking to people about everything and anything. Im a total people person.