AddSeven Returns: Better Luck This Time?

AddSeven's homepage: Drag the dots around!

AddSeven, the campus matchmaking site, has finally returned after a summer hiatus. The AddSeven website comes back with a fresh design and even more promise of matching you with that special someone. Last year, AddSeven was created by two Bowdoin College students who wanted to help members of small communities act on attractions that might otherwise pass by. AddSeven launched at Middlebury last spring with a flurry of sign-ups and rumors of successful dates (see: MiddBlog coverage of the launch from last spring).

If you don’t know how AddSeven works, here’s the process: You sign up for the site and pick 7 people from a database of all Middlebury students (though don’t ask how they have all these names). Every Friday, if any of your 7 people also name you on their list of 7, the match will be posted on both party’s AddSeven page. From there, you must take the initiative to ask the person to dinner/ smile at the person on the path to Axinn/ avoid the person in awkwardness because you put their name down as a joke.

Perhaps slightly better than Middlebury Confessional at revealing true crushes, AddSeven lends a gentle helping hand to making mutual interests known. On a side-note, I’d highly recommend dragging around the interconnected dots on the homepage. They swoop around with an addicting vigor, distracting you from the pain of waiting for your match results (or consoling you when no matches arrive).

Do you think this round of AddSeven matchmaking will be any different or more successful than last Spring?