Real World: San Diego Episode 6 Recap

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Episode 6: Pride and Prejudice

It’s Pride Week in San Diego, the time when the rest of the city tries to talk about sexual identity as much as the RW cast does. Most of the gang starts the week at a lesbian highlighter party (cue lines like “BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!”), but Zach and Ashley stay home and do some quiet bedtime reading.

Frank falls head-over-heels for Mike in Episode 6

Nate makes progress on his suicide prevention blog, meeting with his business partners and a C-list celebrity who’s going to post his story on the blog. Business meeting turns to blackout confessionalizing when the team hits the bar. Later, Frank and new lover Mike (I’m getting to that in a second!) advise Nate to seek legal advice regarding his well-intentioned project. Nate is less-than pleased with Frank’s condescension and says he can “afford the gamble.” [I checked out Nate’s website, “The Living Memoir,” and the finer details of the charity are suspiciously vague. It’s not yet a registered 501(c)3, and it donates only 20% of profits to unnamed “suicide prevention foundations.” The website, which appears to be a work in progress, does not say where the other 80% of profits are going.]

Back to the omgabsolutelyadorable love story ❤ ! Frank meets Mike at a gay bar, and it’s love-after-first-shot. Not only does Mike stay the night, but he joins the cast at Pride the next day. Cue the montage of Frank pecking every inch of his face while Zach and Ashley reluctantly man the House of Blues booth, armed with dark sunglasses, presumably to protect them from contagious gay vibes. To their credit, though, they don’t pick a fight. Ashley says that just because the experience made her uncomfortable doesn’t mean that it was anything “bad.” Zach is more outspoken about his discomfort; he says he felt like a “$5,000 steak” (woah, there, hotshot, are we talking American dollars?) and that he’d never consider going to a gay bar.

Alexandra gives our loverboy Frank some advice, encouraging him to maintain connections with the rest of the housemates even though he is deeply, madly, head-over-heels in luv with his boyf of 2 days. Frank also faces some momma drama, when he and his mother have a tense conversation on the phone about Frank really just “being gay” and not bisexual. Frank says he’s with a guy and the label makes no difference, but it seems like “gay” is a harder term to swallow for his parents.

Overall, the cast likes Mike and thinks he has had a calming effect on Frank. The episode ends with a surprising three-way date in the San Diego gayborhood; Zach, Ashley, and Frank go shopping together and seem to genuinely enjoy each others’ company. Though Pride Week magnified some divisive issues for the housemates, perhaps the rainbow wars are coming to an end.


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  1. I think zach is just closeted cause he wants to say all this shit about being gay and how he is not comfortable but I feel he has a little sugar in his tank just for the simple fact he hasn’t fucked ashley yet! And another thing where does he get off thinking somebody cant whoop his ass they should have cast his ass in real world atlanta some of us ga boys would teach his ass something about running that mouth.

  2. How do i find out the songs from this episode!!! at 28 min through the episode there is a sick electronic song

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