Middlebury Murmur Launches Website

Last spring, flyers, stickers and even a giant floor decal for Murmur began to pop up around campus with very little explanation as to what it was. The signs simply told us to call a number on our phones and type in code unique to our location and each Murmur poster.

Thanks to the recently launched Murmur website, we now know what Murmur. In short, Murmur is a compilation of stories from students, faculty, staff and alumni about their time at Middlebury and various memories that keep coming back to them. Thanks to the new website we can hear their tales without the hassle of actually having to make a phone call (can you imagine?! using a cell phone for anything other than texting?!).

The stories from Middlebury alumni are perhaps the most intriguing of the bunch, as they show how much has changed about the campus over the years through oft witty anecdotes.

Do you have an idea for a Murmur recording and want your voice to be heard? Click here to see how you can share your story.