Sunday Reading: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Honey!

Hey everyone, we’re one week closer to Thanksgiving (fooooodddd.)  Also, amongst numerous sex scandals that seem to have attracted everyone’s attention, real news actually happened out in the world.  I’m here to share some it with you.  Or I’ll just give you random stories.  Kind of whatever I feel like.  Bound to be interesting though.

POLITICS: In what is the next of the seemingly endless number of Republican Primary debates, the candidates continued to espouse their ideals, defending against flip-flopping and sex scandals.  More entertaining than watching that is playing this game, which has you guess who said a certain quote from Wednesday night- Survivor contestants or Republican presidential contenders.

ENVIRONMENT: Oberlin College is well known for its longstanding commitment to “green building,” building some of the greenest college buildings in the country.  Now a professor at the college, David Orr, is architecting a plan that will “greenify” the town of Oberlin as well, “creating a resilient community for a post-fossil-fuel era.”

FUNNY TUMBLRS: This is not news.  However, I am now obsessed with two Tumblr sites that I believe everyone should now be obsessed with.  1) Animals Talking in All Caps– hilarious pictures with captions of animals that have pretty human-like conversations and 2) Yelping with Cormac McCarthy– a series of Yelp reviews from a mock- Cormac McCarthy.

NEW YORK: When the only department store closed in Saranac Lake, a small town in the Adirondacks, the residents of the town had nowhere to go nearby to acquire the basic necessities. Over the past five years, members of the town have collected money and raised enough capital to open their own department store, choosing to invest in their own town development rather than allowing a large corporate store like Walmart to build.

HONEY: More than three-fourths of the honey sold in U.S. grocery stores isn’t really honey, according to testing done for Food Safety News.  Many tests indicated that the “honey” sold in stores had the pollen filtered out, a process that provides little benefit to the producers other than masking the origin of the honey.  Apparently, a significant amount of honey sold in the U.S. is smuggled in from China. Who knew?

NASA: A Russian Soyuz rocket is set to lift off Monday with one American and two Russian astronauts, headed for the International Space Station.  This marks the beginning of a new era for NASA, which discontinued its space shuttle program in July.

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