Socially Responsible Investment Club To Hold Panel On Ethicality of Midd’s Endowment

What: The Socially Responsible Investment Club (SRI) is hosting a panel on how ethically Middlebury invests its endowment.  It will feature:

Derek Hammel, Director of Investments and Treasury Operations
Greg Dier, Co-chair of Student Investment Committee
Rhiya Trivedi, Student activist
Randy Kritkausky, Middlebury Research Scholar
Peter Matthews, Professor of Economics

Middlebury leaves the investment of its $854 million endowment to Investure, a company that invests endowments of universities and foundations into places like hedge funds. Because the investment of Middlebury’s endowment is not in the hands of the College, it is impossible to track. Most probably, money from Middlebury’s endowment is going into companies that aren’t ethical, for example harming the environmental and ignoring human rights. The panel is going to talk about how the endowment is being invested and what we as students can do to about it, it should be really worthwhile to go to.

When: Tomorrow, November 17th 4:30-6:00 pm
Where: Axinn 219

SRI: SRI, the organizers of the panel, meet Tuesday nights at 7 pm in Axinn 109 if you can’t make it and want to get involved. They look over four millions dollars (and the College promised another four million soon) of the endowment that they have fought to be invested transparently in ethical companies.


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