Real World: San Diego Episode 8 Recap

7 hours’ worth of recaps here.

Episode 8: Stolen Show, Stolen Hearts, Stolen Motorcycles

For the third week in a row, things at the Real World house have been pretty tame. Now that the gang appears tired of the club scene and sick of bickering over sexual identity, there have been considerably fewer instances of property damage, regrettable sexual encounters, and tirades peppered with censored expletives. I want a show that glues me to the couch and makes me hold my pee for an hour! I want to kick myself during commercial breaks for not owning TiVo! Is that too much to ask?!

PrisDylla have "friend time"

Here’s a brief rundown of the (in)action:

Dylan Redhead, Priscilla’s ex-boyf/”friend” that snuggles with her with his tongue in her mouth (that’s what friends are for, right?), returns again on his green motorbicycle. He pays for breakfast, does 2 months’ worth of Priscilla’s laundry, and bakes brownies for the housemates. Predictable jokes about testosterone ensue. The gang decides to play a practical joke on Cilla’s doting “friend,” so they hide his motorbike. DylPickle freaks out, flags down a cop, and begins to file a missing vehicle report. The best cameo (and best poker face) of the night goes to the housemates’ middle-aged neighbor, who convinces Dylan that he took the bike and sold it. The truth is revealed and everyone, even Dylan, has a laugh. At the end of the ep, Dylan heads back to school so the underage lovebirds have to say goodbye.  Priscilla sheds some tears, but her mom visits (the cool one who went shot-for-shot with the gang at their July 4th bash) and advises her not to get tied up in a messy, long-distance relationship.

In other news…as part of their hard-earned jobs at the House of Blues, the gang walks around at the Warped Tour wearing QR codes for free concert tickets. The individual that collects the most QR reads receives $500. Frank, Nate, Ashley and Zach team up and cheat a little, but Alexandra conquers all, winning the $500 and pledging to use it to pay her cousins’ school fees in Zimbabwe. Later, Alexandra and her bandmates perform in public (read: on a streetcorner) for the first time. The  crowd of passersby are probably more intrigued by the camera crew than by the music, but hey, there’s nothing like a role on a reality show to launch a street music career!

That’s it for this week. Thanksgiving is now upon us, that glorious holiday during which we celebrate the great American ideals of gluttony and excess and recount abridged versions of the musket-bearing, hat-wearing white man’s arrival to the New World. In light of this, the Real World will be on a one-week hiatus.

I’m not complaining, though; who needs reality TV when the annual turkey dinner faceoff between sauced Grandma Gaga and crazy uncle Ted  is commercial- free?!!