SGA Sound Off: The Sweet Smell of Success

Dear friends,

As you may have garnered from the SGA’s prior email this weekend… this was indeed a big week for SGA. The Pass/D/Fail resolution and the YouPower Midd Bike Room Bill were on the floor for debate this evening.

In the most well-attended SGA meeting of my brief but lovely tenure, students came to voice their support for both measures.

As you may have guessed by the video above (what I’ve been playing on repeat in my head for the past 20 minutes, that and don’t stop me now), both the Pass/D/Fail resolution and the YouPower Midd Bike Room passed (almost unanimously, even!).

Here’s the rest of the low-down of the discussion and what you need to know.

Pass/D/Fail Resolution: The resolution (further details contained in this post), demonstrates SGA’s support for a Pass/D/Fail system which will allow for a student to take up to 4 Pass/D/Fail courses during their tenure here at Middlebury.

The courses cannot count towards one’s major, or to distribution requirements. The SGA passed the resolution — which was step 1 of 4 1 of 5 to full approval (Thanks to commenter Current Faculty member for the correction). The resolution will now transition to being passed through the Student Educational Affairs Committee (Step 2), the Educational Affairs Committee (step 3), the Faculty Council (step 4), and will hopefully triumph with a majority vote at a Full Faculty Meeting (Step 5). The resolution should have little to no trouble getting through steps 2 and 3, step 4/5 is where the measure has failed before. Additionally, if the Faculty Council tries to bury or not support the legislation (thereby, not passing through step 4), the resolution’s sponsors can find a faculty member to bring the legislation forward to the floor during a full-faculty meeting (thereby skipping straight to step 5). (Thanks again to Thanks to commenter Current Faculty member for added info). Hopefully, it will be smooth sailing through the regular channels — but start lobbying your professors now everyone!

North Campus Exercise Space (FIC Gym) & YouPower Midd Spin Room Bill: Remember that survey asking for your opinion about an Electricity generating Bike Room on campus? Well this is that bill and more! The SGA just approved for the implementation of a North Campus Exercise Space (FIC Gym), that will therein contain 1) The YouPower Midd Spin Room (with 12 Green Revolution Electricity Generating Bikes), and 2) An Upper Annex Gym Space — with fixed weights, free weights, yoga mats, and further materials. With the Ross Gym Bill dead in the water, bogged down in administrative red tape — the affirmative vote on this bill repealed the Ross Gym Bill and established the  North Campus Exercise Space as the first ‘satellite gym’ — serving the need most quickly and effectively for an alternative exercise space on campus.

Want to learn more about these measures? Be sure to check go/sga for the full text of the revised resolution and bill. Who knows, maybe next session we’ll solve the Debt Crisis for the Super Committee!

Post Updated 11/20/2011 at 10:44pm with Updated Pass/D/Fail Legislative Procedures.


7 thoughts on “SGA Sound Off: The Sweet Smell of Success

  1. These are fantastic issues to be raising and having heard by admins, congrats to those that have been involved and hope the pass/d/fail bill gets farther than it historically has.

  2. It is not Faculty Council that will ultimately vote on the P/F, but rather the faculty as a whole at a faculty meeting. Faculty Council may weigh in and provide the faculty with its sense, but anyone can bring a motion to the floor of the faculty and the faculty can take it up if it chooses to (even if the Faculty Council decides it doesn’t like the motion). Students should find a faculty ally who is willing to bring the legislation forward in the event the faculty council decides to bury it or not support it.

  3. Thanks @Olivia & @Alex!

    And thanks @Current Faculty Member! That is a very important correction to note, I’ll be sure to update the post. I am sure that the resolution’s sponsor, Cook Senator Michael Polebaum ’12, along with President Recca’s cabinet will be working (if they aren’t already) on securing as much faculty support as possible. But I will definitely be sure to pass this note along!

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