Sunday Reading: My Love for Pizza, Justified by the US Congress.

Hey everybody! Thanksgiving is Thursday, papers are due in 4 hours, and the weekend’s almost over.  And now I bring you my weekly installment of news/random stories/whatever I think is interesting outside of the Middlebury world.

MUSIC: Are musicians more vulnerable to conditions that necessitate throat surgery these days?  Touring takes a terrible toll on vocal cords and this article indicates it is rather an increase in diagnostic tools and surgical techniques that has led singers like Keith Urban and Adele to cancel shows for surgery.

SCIENCE: The International Panel on Climate Change has released new findings that indicate that “at least some of the weather extremes being seen around the world are consequences of human-induced climate change and can be expected to worsen in coming decades.”

OWS: At both UC Davis and Seattle Occupy Wall Street protests, police have been observed using pepper spray against the protesters.  Videos of the Davis incident have surfaced and this article describes the response from the police and college administration about the actions Friday.

FOOD: In attempts to cut down on the price of subsidized school lunches, the new school lunch bill going through Congress classifies pizza (or more accurately, the thin layer of tomato paste on pizza) as a vegetable.  Hm.

SPORTS: According to a polling firm, the only two people more popular in Wisconsin than quarterback of the Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers are Abraham Lincoln and Jesus.  He beat George Washington, Ghandi, and MLK.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ever wondered what dogs’ faces looked like in the middle of shaking off some water?  Me neither, but the pictures are pretty great.

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  1. The International Panel on Climate Change is neither a credible or impartial source, as has been repeatedly proven.

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