Radio Run-Through: Stratocumulus

Welcome to Radio Run-Through, a new feature where we’ll showcase WRMC’s student-run radio shows to help you figure out what you’ll want to tune in to. Let us know if there any specific shows or music genres you’d like to see featured in the comment section below!

My Bloody Valentine's 1991 album "Loveless" falls under the category of shoegaze.

WHAT: Stratocumulus — Currently shoegaze, noise-pop, and dream pop, three subgenres of alternative from the 80s and 90s that experienced a revival during the mid-aughts. The music genres emphasized on the show change semesterly, though the overarching alt-rock, indie pop sound remains consistent.
WHO: Sam Tolzmann ’14
WHEN: 8:00 – 10:00 pm on Tuesdays
WHY HE THINKS YOU SHOULD TUNE IN: “I would like to think that people should listen to the show because it provides a lot of contextual information about the music being played, and hopefully teaches listeners who don’t know a lot about shoegaze, dream pop, and/or noise-pop a lot about the sounds of the genres, their history, the role of specific independent record labels in developing genres, the relationships between bands in these scenes, etc. While I myself am I big fan of all three genres, I used this semester as a reason to delve really deep into them, and I try to avoid playing only the most famous bands or songs. I didn’t repeat any artists for four weeks. So in addition to playing music that sounds great and has a specific, dreamy vibe, I think people should listen to learn about the music they’re hearing.”
WHY WE THINK YOU SHOULD TUNE IN: MiddKids love a good history lesson, and who doesn’t like to learn about new bands? There’s actually a good chance that you’ve heard of some of the artists featured, but could never really figure out how to classify them. Let Sam teach you. As with most other alt-rock, indie pop, etc. etc. WRMC stations, Stratocumulus is great to listen to as you’re banging out a paper or lab report.


“When the Sun Hits” – Slowdrive

“Cherry-Coloured Funk” – Cocteau Twins