Middlebury Alumni Open Restaurant In Burlington

Attention foodies! A new must-try is opening in Burlington later this week. Pistou Restaurant, owned by Middlebury alumni Max Mackinnon ’10 and Maji Chien ’09 is scheduled to open to the public on Friday, December 2.

After Friday’s grand opening, Pistou Restaurant will be open for breakfast on weekdays with new homemade pastries and breads each day. Lunch will be served seven days a week, offering new menus based on the array of local, farm-fresh food that enters the kitchen. Dinner at Pistou will be available Wednesday through Saturday.

The duo held a special dinner for friends and family on Monday, receiving rave reviews from the Middlebury students who attended (and we like to assume that their bias was kept to a minimum).

Shaved beef tongue, burrata, summer squash, radish, cucumber, herbs and flowers. (via Pistou Facebook page)

Sam Miller ’12, who claims to have tried every item on the menu, said that his favorite part of the Pistou dining experience on Monday “was the obvious care put into each plate. Not only was the food delicious, but it was beautifully presented.”

Mackinnon’s training at the French Culinary Institute and several of New York’s most famed restaurants have influenced his dishes at Pistou, blending unique flavors and textures in an unexpected way.

Silas Wong ’12 said of the creative dishes, “The goat cheese yogurt and the pretzel ice cream were new to me, and both were great. The food that [Chef Mackinnon] cooks is constistently some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. He always impresses me with new twists and flavors.”

The drive to Burlington can sometimes be a hassle, but Miller says that it’s worth it, suggesting that students, parents and town residents alike go with a group, to “[order] as many dishes as possible and [share], so that the full breadth of Pistou’s offerings can be experienced. The food is worth every cent, and the 45-minute drive each way. Prepare to be satisfied.”

Pistou Restaurant
61 Main Street
Burlington, VT 05401



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