Midd Professor One of 300 Economists Supporting OWS in Video

Moveon.org recently put up this video of economists from around the country in support of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement. One of those economists is Middlebury’s own Professor of Economics Robert Prasch. Prasch spoke at the Occupy Wall Street Teach-In that was organized at the begining of November.

The video was made by Econ4, an organization whose aim is to “change both the economics profession and common-sense understanding about how the economy works and should work.” Here is their post of the video, along with a list of the 300 economists supporting OWS.


3 thoughts on “Midd Professor One of 300 Economists Supporting OWS in Video

  1. This is not Middlebury’s most shining moment. To say the least.

    Also, this guy should take a moment to think about how many of those evil bankers he helped educate.

  2. Revolting. I’ve seen this guy speak at meetings, talks, & presentations and he’s hard, hard, left anti-capitalist, anti-American, subversive, which is fine for a professor. I think most students see that he has no grasp of reality. Unfortunately, a few don’t.

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