Real World: San Diego Episode 9 Recap

That dense reading on political philosophy can wait! Read these recaps instead.

Episode 9: All the Wrong Moves

After weeks of weak storylines about geeky high school boyfs and hookups that never happen, the drama finally returned this week, when everyone did exactly what they shouldn’t have (except for the  sensible trio of Alexandra, Priscilla and Sam, of course, who just stayed off-camera). Here’s the relationship 411:

Frank and Michael: the loverboys start the episode with a drunken confrontation. Frank, our favorite cyclone of sexual energy, gave quite the lapdance to a tall redhead in the club while Mike sat alone and watched. Frank gives a tearful apology, but Mike delivers an ultimatum: Frank has to decide whether he’s ready for a committed relationship. It appears that Frank has made up his mind when he hits the club and goes home with a tattooed guy named Todd. Unbeknownst to Frank, Alexandra has helped Mike to plan a surprise visit for the next morning. A mere hour out of bed with someone else, Frank has to put on the loving-boyfriend face. After a pathetic attempt at lying, Frank comes clean. He says he’ll “go crazy” without Mike, but Mike tells him it’s over. The housemates show little sympathy for a cheater, but Frank says he has “no regrets” and that he’s just a “work in progress.” The next morning, after another night with Todd, Frank proclaims he’s “over it” (“it” being that whole “Michael and I are inseparable and perfect and madly in love” thing).

Nate and Michelle: Nate takes his House of Blues boss out to dinner and ends the evening with for a beach makeout. She’s Nate’s booty call 2AM the next night, but things turn sour when Nate invites her over to “hang out,” and “hanging out” means Michelle having to watch Nate play ping pong for an hour. Michelle finally lets him have it and asks for “some common respect.” Nate flatters himself by thinking that she’s “totally falling for him,” and ends things by saying he’s simply too busy for a relationship. Jerk move! She probably just wanted to play winner instead of being relegated to permanent spectator, but Nate makes her look like a clingy wannabe-girlf. Work’s gonna be awkward next week, am I right?!?!

Zach and Ashley: wait, are they a thing? just friends? just read-books-together-in-bed buddies? That’s not what it seemed like when Ashley confronted Zach at Nate’s ‘Living Memoir’ fashion show expo after rando blonde (also named Ashley) was grinding all up on Mr. Meat. Zach’s cryptic response? “Are we ok? You know I’m with you.” Maybe these two are smarter than we thought; are they capable of keeping the deets of a serious relationship from the cameras?

Though was little in-house tension this week,  it’s clear that the housemates are disappointed with Frank’s carelessness and sad to see Michael go. I’m sad to see him go, too, even though I was struggling to think of a cute couple nickname (Frichael? Mank?) The promo for next week featured a lovely montage of Frank yelling. More smashed vases may be in his future! Welcome back, Mr. Hurricane.